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Mar 21, 2019
Hi Pejman:

Do you think affiliate marketing is a good start for making money online or do you think it's better to spend our time blogging, or doing membership sites? Or maybe something completely different?

Thanks for your help.

It certainly can be. Ideas Unlimited provides a percentage commission to our affiliate partners, since their support also helps buoy our organization. Any time you build a solid business networking relationship it can only be beneficial. The problem with solely affiliate marketing is that in the past, I've seen it come across spammy or inauthentic. You may also find more flexibility and creative development/fulfillment with blogging. Ask yourself what your real strengths are and what you'd like to envision for yourself.


Mar 12, 2021
The path to permanent earnings on affiliate programs can be quite long, so you probably should not immediately quit your current job. It usually takes from 6 months to several years to start making a decent profit with the help of affiliate marketing. Your overall success and speed depend on your ability to create high-quality content, optimize it for SEO, attract traffic and promote your partner products. Don't forget about the active use of social networks and email marketing using email deliverability services. Don't expect to start earning tens of thousands of dollars right away. However, having the right marketing strategy, you will definitely get the desired income.
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