Do you qualify for these 4 federal small business grants?
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August 16, 2017

Over the last few months, we’ve taken a closer look at questions to ask when searching for small business startup grants, and examined funding options that specifically assist minority-owned small businesses. Now, it’s time to dive into federal small business grants — and it might surprise entrepreneurs to learn that agency-based financial aid is actually a lot more specialized.

Generally, federal small business grants go toward state and local departments (which dispense the money out to small businesses), and research and development programs. Many of these options are pretty specific, so we’re going to walk you through four that entrepreneurs in a variety of industries would be eligible to apply for.

Women’s Business Ownership Assistance
The Women’s Business Ownership Assistance grant works to establish and fund women’s business centers (WBCs) that support and assist small business concerns owned and operated by women.

Small Business Innovation Research
The Small Business Innovation Research program grant works to have small businesses help meet federal research needs, boost innovation among private companies, and drive technological innovation in businesses owned by women and the socially disadvantaged.

Technical Assistance federal small business grants
The SBA gives grant funding to qualified service providers that offer business development assistance to eligible, low-income small businesses.

Farmers’ Market Supplemental Nutrition Assistance support grants
The Farmers’ Market Supplemental Nutrition Assistance grants provide funding that helps farmers’ markets take part in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

This is a really well written list of grants and options for small business. One note I often pass onto my clients when it comes to grants - it is a long term growth strategy to be started when you are not necessarily in the immediate need for the additional funding - as these programs often take several steps to complete, along with time and patience.
All in all a fantastic option for your business financing portfolio.
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