As we are going through this COVID-19 crisis, it is important to be able to lead your company and employees more than ever in order to ensure it survives and thrives after the crisis.

Does anybody have any tips for how to do this?

I would like to share an excerpt from an article with some good tips for how to do this

HOW to Lead Through the COVID-19 Crisis: A Business Consultant’s Top 10 Tips

Stay close to your customers.
It’s important to inform your clients about how your business has been affected by the pandemic and how your company is adjusting. Be honest about what they can expect in regard to service and supply and assure them that you are working hard to address their needs. Social media is a quick and inexpensive way to keep them updated.

Take time to Learn how your clients are adapting.
Covid – 19 is causing everyone to make changes. Finding innovative solutions to your customers’ new problems could reveal an entirely new opportunity and revenue stream. Crisis is often the catalyst for innovation.

Tighten up your spending
Many businesses are facing significant revenue declines. It’s common sense to review all of your expenses and determine those that are fixed and those that are discretionary, but do so judiciously. According to a Harvard Business Study, companies that cut too fast and too deep had the lowest probability of pulling ahead of the competition following a recession.

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