Oct 2, 2020
As a busy person in the past I would have a very hard time maintaining a balance in my diet and health, I would gain and lose weight frequently and this issue felt like a crazy roller coaster to me ..

After many years I have found my way, to maintain weight, to love my body, to enjoy the process of weight loss and still not give up on the food that I really like.

I'm curious, have any of you experienced problems in this area?
I would really like to know how I can improve other people's lives,
I will soon start a personal coaching business for a healthy life -
I want to help busy entrepreneurs to lose weight without counting calories and spend hours on the gym.

so I have two questions for you:
  1. What are your two main difficulties regarding weight loss and work-life balance?
  2. Regarding health - why would you wish for more than anything else?
I would really love to read your honest answers!

BTW - check out my own transformation and give me your opinions please !



May 27, 2021
I am currently on a keto diet, but it is not yielding visible results. After that, I have doubts about the help of diets. If you eat all the time, it seems to me that diets don't help. I recently surfed the Internet with a friend and came across an article about weight loss. After reading it, I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery near me, it was successful, and a year later, everything in my life was just great. I started running in the morning, and now I eat quickly. And I don't have to eat every hour)
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