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Do everything yourself? or pay for professional help/advice?

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Annie Tunheim

Dec 3, 2017
When potential clients ask me whether or not they can just obtain a registered trademark on their own, I tell them while yes, it can be deceptively simple to fill out the paperwork, there is quite a bit of knowledge behind the paperwork to navigate the various paths, and like the flow chart Edvin posted above, a small business owner often already has enough on his/her plate. The frustrating part about spending time/energy/money to take care of some business matters is that you may not do it correctly, so you may either not get a registered trademark at the other side, or get something that will not be effective for the goals of your business. Often, there is only a nominal sum of money added when you hire the right person to do the job, and the end product is a much higher quality.

Ronnie McGhee

Jan 6, 2017
It's depend that how much you can do for your business. sometime happen, some work you can't do, you need professional for the same to do that work, if it save your time and in less money then hire professional..
Good Luck..


Oct 27, 2018
try to do everything yourself and for free?
or is it better to pay money and get professional advice?
It depends on the tasks.
If it's marketing, I'm 100% DIY at first so I get a good understanding of how it all works - and then, if it's in my budget, I'll start to BYT (Build My Team) and hire out some of the things so I can work on my business, instead of in my business.

And because I did DIY, I'll know if someone's bullshitting me as I interview them and ask questions.
But there are some things like taxes and any legal stuff - I'll throw money at it in a heartbeat.


Nov 6, 2018
Should You Do It Yourself (DIY) or Pay the Experts (PTE)?
by Jamillah Warner, Small Business Trends
Nov 1, 2017

It’s the big mistake that we have the power to fix. But it’s also the kind of thing that we could spend a lifetime getting wrong—without intervention. When should you do it yourself (DIY) and when should you pay the experts (PTE) to do it for you?

question yourself

Small business owners are the kings and queens of creating something out of nothing, of learning every skill that they have to learn in order to move their businesses forward. Cash-strapped individuals with great ideas have been known to be highly innovative—but that doesn’t have to mean doing it all by yourself.

When is it time to grow the team? Here’s a simple reality check.

What are you doing?

If you are designing your own graphics when your skill set lies in writing or negotiations or product design, then you may need to re-evaluate your efforts. If you are writing your own marketing copy when you excel at graphic design or customer service, then you may need to add a writer to the team to maximize your time and effort.

How are you doing it?

If you’re creating lowbrow solutions that make your company look like a hobby instead of a business, then you may need to upgrade the team. Just as a weak product is bad for business, weak visuals and weak content hurt your bottom line because they fail to attract the right clients.

Does your current system cost you money or make you money?

If the expert charges $300 to create a custom WordPress website but it takes you 300 hours to do it yourself, then you have to factor in the cost of your time to see which option offers the true savings.

Keep this in mind: Hiring an expert doesn’t mean that you stop learning or that you turn your brain off. It means that you have more time

  • for the parts of the business that you excel at and where you cannot be replaced,
  • to further develop your communication skills, because that’s a crucial ability for every business leader,
  • to spearhead the overall strategy behind the business, because no one will care about the big picture as much as you do.
What time is it?

Sometimes it costs too much to DIY. And sometimes it costs too much to PTE. It’s up you, the business leader, to know the time involved and how to make the most of it.
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Jessica A.

Sep 11, 2017
I would rather do everything myself as much as I can and IF I can do it. If it is already beyond my capacity, then that is the time that I will hire someone else to help me get the job done. I'm what you call an "OC" (obsessive-compulsive) type of person though I was never diagnosed with it. I have slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies but not extreme. Just you know, I like making sure that everything is pristine.


Nov 10, 2016
The usage of CHOICE need to be wise and selfless.
True. But I feel the same way. Since I want to understand everything possible and learn as much as I can about every endeavor, I much prefer to start by trying to do everything myself, at least the first time, just to understand how it's done.

Once I know how it's done, delegating and subcontracting is fine with me if it's more expedient.

And of course, for those things I simply can't do, delegating to others is a must. I learned a long time ago that I suck at graphics, no matter how much I spend on software. That I will always contract out. :)

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