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Oct 10, 2019
Hi Guys. I am a digital nomad that has currently left the clutches of the west traveling SE Asia to try an unravel what the real true meanings of certain things.

All too often we hear words such as freedom, happiness, success, wealth, financial freedom and we go about our day giving little to no thought as to what they mean.

We are all unique and individual and all of the above words are personal to us. i have branded myself as a Freedom Business Strategic Analyst only to separate myself from the masses of coaches and consultants out there.

All too often people give advice on a theoretical nature, and never really practice what they preach.

My aim is to live a life of freedom and that doesn't mean having all the materialistic possessions because i had all that and it they made me miserable.

Getting back to basics was the most important part of this discovery, taking action and actually moving away from all the noise was essential if i was ever going to unravel this thing we call life.

Living a basic nomadic life whilst building my freedom business around me is what i intend to do, whilst teaching others how to create a business that doesn't tie them to a traditional type entity.

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