Many entrepreneurs in the course of their duties encounter difficult customers. Some are rude; others want to use items first before paying; still others offer untenable prices or refuse to pay for services offered. I remember delivering paint to a customer. Despite repeated exhortations, he refused to pay. Have you dealt with a difficult customer?


When you say customers that means they are habitual purchasers of your shop. I believe in the saying that the customer is always right no matter how rude they are because the customer is the lifeblood of the business. And with the social media now, I guess business people should be careful in dealing with rude customers. They can easily smear your business in social media by posting lies. Not a few businesses have filed libel suits and one accused was even a celebrity - it was about a delayed delivery of a camera purchased online but the post was that the camera was not delivered.


I don't think I have faced a difficult customers but I got awful services from various shops. Recently I bought a kitchen hood and it got wasted after 2 months! I have still 10 months warranty but the seller is asking me money to replace the coil and fans in the hood. I gave the money but it's over 3 weeks and they didn't fix it yet! Funny thing is, they now want me to take my money back with the hood as they seem can't fix it!!


The nice thing about being the boss is that YOU get to choose your customers. Yes, that is one of the many benefits of being in business for yourself! When you are new to business you feel like you must bend over backwards for all customers and potential customers. In time, you will get over it. :D Of course, you do your best to work with customers, but some are just flat-out impossible to please.

The first time I 'fired' a customer I was so nervous. But man did it feel good when it was over!!!! It was a demanding and rude woman who was always in a hurry, always complained, demanded things be replaced and redone for free because of her errors, and never paid on time. I gathered up all her files and samples and such and put them into a professional looking case along with a list of several of my competitors that I didn't care for and/or I knew were slimy business people. In my always kind and calm way I told her sweetly that I appreciated her business and was sorry, but couldn't do work for her anymore. She was speechless! Mumbled something and left.

From that moment on I didn't waste time on jerks. I will give anyone a chance or two, but there are always good customers out there and I would rather find them than waste time keeping bad ones!!
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