Hey guys,

Does anyone know how Tinder actually made money before it was subscription based?
Some people say by selling on user information. I wonder if companies approached them for that.
I used to have a business where I've collected some user emails etc, by them ticking the "I don't mind you sharing my info" box. I was just wondering if there's a way I can make some side money with this, I'd love to know how?

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Welcome to BizWarriors, @shawnjp.

Regarding your question about Tinder, I have no idea.

As for the more general question about selling email addresses, I have never done that. I would really wonder whether the extra few bucks you might make is worth the loss of client or customer trust. Privacy online has become more and more important to everyone in recent years.


Thanks for your reply.
I have personally major ethical issues with selling data, so won't be going down that root. But, it makes me wonder if I'm losing out. I guess there's always the other voice in our heads.


It's a slippery slope. I once heard someone say that if a service is free for a consumer the consumer is the product. I think that many of the big shops make money off of tracking click paths and display time for media. Mostly this is done for custom user advertising and profiling. I think it's a balance that a user and a provider need to strike up.

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