So I am student and by putting in a few over time hours I managed to start my own mens wrist wear site. Firstly I focused on bracelets, and sales for those were moderate - around £400 in 4 months, but they weren't consistent at all. I have now moved onto watches but much to my disappointment my sales are pretty non-existent. When I am analyzing my website trying to find the cause, it's always traffic that is the main issue.

I am only getting 10-50 unique visitors a day so I am guessing this is the one key thing I need to improve. I have used Adwords before, but obviously being a student I don't have the ability to invest anything more than a few £ every day. I am willing to put a bit more money into it, but I have done it before without much return, so I would really like some advice on what to do to actually get the ball rolling. I don't expect rapid sales to happen overnight but I would love to be able to actually see some progress, as I have many more ideas that I would like to try. For example, I have recently just started another Fb ad campaign due to their lower CPC, however, after 40 clicks I still have no sales... I just feel a bit hopeless since the cost of 40 clicks is quickly approaching break even for an average sale. Nothing seems to work.

All your help is much appreciated, I started/run it by myself so it does mean a lot! I would just really love to know where to focus my time and energy to be able to see gains, as it's very demoralizing to try things and never get results.





Hi Elliot,

It can be a punch to the stomach when you see sales suddenly drop or disappear without knowing why or what happened to make them like that. Depending on your model and what you used to gain exposure, there are little things that can have a huge impact that way if your advertising is exclusively online. One of the most frequent is someone bumping you out of your place on search engines, or bidding higher on advertisement credits for the area that you had before, thus placing themselves to be seen where you used to be. It's a constant struggle, especially when there is a global competition for sales of items and being seen just to buy them. The more competitive it is, the more of a struggle staying on top of it can become at times.

I would diversify your approach and where you are being seen more to try and even out your advertising angle, which may help you to mitigate the peaks and crests of sales and people seeing your ads. It's possible that you may still have a large visibility, but something is different...and whatever that change might be is not letting views transition to sales like they did before. You have to see if that is the case, or if it really is the advertising and placement.

Distributing your advertising methods to other areas that still yield results could be a good way to help overcome this. Do you do any of the cheaper radio ad spots? Do you have a blog that features free things people will want to see, and advertise yourself there routinely? Do you have any videos of what you are selling to be able to have people randomly see them or view them on facebook? Are you on Instagram or the other social media platforms to leverage your online exposure to each one, or just doing facebook?

There are times and cycles for buyers and sellers throughout the year. Knowing those cycles, your niche, and the best way to meet and address them will help you survive and succeed.

As R.E.O. Speedwagon says: "Roll with the changes!" :)

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