I'm hosting an live workshop in my local town next month for young entrepreneurs and I wanted to know if this flyer would look good to advertise the workshop.

I'm mostly checking if the information is legible and enticing to my audience.

VJoin us.jpg
I am not a designer, however, I have done many designs. This looks nice to me. However, whether this flyer will attract the participants or not depends on where you will use this. If you are planning to use this on parks. I think you will have to use less text and use at least one graphics.


I like it...it looks very professional. I would make a suggestion to try and get the whole name of the library on the same line and have the date under that. So just adjust it to where the word "library" is on the same line as the name of the library.....it flows better. Good job and good luck.
I think this looks very nice. I do agree that it would look better to have the word library on the same line as the name of it. I love your lettering too. I think I might remove the line that says being an entrepreneur is hard. That might scare of a few people. Instead, maybe you should use a more positive phrase such as let me help you find your flow as an entrepreneur and then bolding the words Live Workshop might also be a good attention grabber. Good luck to you and let us know how your workshop goes!


I would pull out the capital letter in the email. Other than that it looks great. Very elegant look, so I see it being targeted to classy entrepreneurs. If your going for a different type of entrepreneur, like a tech entrepreneur for example, I would add more color.

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