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Decisions By A Decision Maker

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by T J Tutor, Apr 23, 2016.

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  1. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    This past week we had a great opportunity to get some questions answered by an incredible man who demanded and commanded his successes. Of course I am talking about Pejman Ghadimi. I've read all of the questions asked and read the answers twice. There is a very obvious pattern in PG's answers and they are very revealing as to his nature. I suspect that in some ways he is an innate decision maker. It doesn't have to be born in us, some need to seek out the knowledge and experiences that can form this trait so that we can properly cultivate it and integrate it into our lives and businesses.

    One of the most frustrating, and disappointing, traits I see in what I read in online communities are the excuses for not doing something, or not taking action. When we examine the manner and style of PG's answers you see four elements that are crucial to decision making and it comes out in his writing here over the past week. All of his answers, everyone, were short, sharp, focused, and deliberate. You can tell he didn't have to think about the answers. You can tell he had the information needed to respond immediately available. These traits are responsible for him getting things done.

    As you go into business, no matter if it's the first minute, everything requires quick prepared responses so that you can make decisions efficiently, not over thinking them, and on the fly. The faster you develop the skill to take action immediately you will find that you are forced to be making decisions throughout the day. Everything is based on decisions and the faster you can make them the faster your life and your business moves. This is where it gets ugly for many of you and it's because you are not skilled at making decisions so instead of developing that skill you instead make the one decision you should never make, you tell yourself any of the following, all of which are decisions to not make a decision:

    • I'm not ready to...
    • I don't know how to...
    • I need money first for...
    • I'm still looking at/for/into...
    • There's too much competition to/for/in...
    • I don't know if...
    • What if...
    • I'm still not...
    • I've never...
    etc., etc., etc.

    I dare you all to become the best damn decision makers.
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  2. Goldstandard89

    Goldstandard89 Member

    I agree with that for the most part, but I also know that sometimes you need to put a hold on doing something because you need to learn more. Experience is great but learning from other people's experiences and studying up on it properly so you can minimize the mistakes you make when you start can ultimately be better in the end. There is no point in failing because you're not prepared for what you want to do. The problem with 'I don't know...' is that most people just stop there, they fail to even prepare to start. When you don't know something, you need to go chase down as much information you need before you start, write down a rough plan of how you plan to start and where you want it to go, and do your best to prepare for any problems you might come up with. I think it's perfectly human to admit you don't know something but you can't just stop there or your world is going to remain very small. And big dreams can't fit in a small life according to Les Brown.

    I also understand not having enough money to start a business. Everything cost something, but if that person is never saving up to make it, then they are a problem. But have some money to take care of expenses whether it's to build a website, advertise, and compensate for the time you will lose working your nine to five for the business.

    The bigger problem isn't the excuses, it's the mindset that you can put off your dreams and goals until the right time comes. There is never going to be a perfect time to do something but I do believe in being as prepared to accomplish a goal before starting. Failing is bad on your self esteem and should be minimized to things that can only be learned by experience and not from not being prepared. I don't remember who said it, but he said that it's better to be prepared for an opportunity that doesn't come then unprepared when presented with an opportunity.
  3. ruener79

    ruener79 Member

    I often associate decision-making with accountability. A person who has no problem with being accountable will never have a problem making decisions. Along with making a decision, comes the acceptance that things could go either way (good/bad). If a person is NOT ready to accept the consequence of a decision, then the person will surely have a problem with decision-making. The person may not want to be blamed. There, the issue on accountability surfaces. If this persists, then the list of excuses will be lengthy. Personality, I think will also come into play. Those who are leaning towards being conservative will take time to study options before diving into things. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are not good with decision-making, but rather they are more cautious and just want to minimize their risks. As opposed to someone who is a risk-taker, one could readily commit to something because he's aware that he could potentially gain if he makes a decision ASAP as opposed to waiting. The person is willing to bet without much preparation because he doesn't mind possible loss. He's after the possible gain, and he can't very well do that by taking so much time weighing in on things. Overthinking can be crippling.
  4. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    I agree with everything you have all said.

    After some self-reflection, I realized just how often I use excuses. Not just for online pursuits but everywhere, all aspects of life. And I have been working hard this year to catch myself, figure out why I'm doing it and change my self-talk, so I get the courage to face and deal with it better.

    It's not been a fast process so far. I've discovered that it is usually one of two things:

    - fear
    - an automatic response from doing it for most of my life

    When I find myself running that old record, I remind myself that she wasn't entirely wrong. It's a lot of attitude and mental adjustment work at this stage but I'm slowly improving. Been starting with smaller things, baby steps.

    Funny thing I've discovered...if I decide to just go ahead and do/take care of something, it really isn't a big, scary deal at all. That wouldn't apply to everything but with smaller life issues, that has been my experience thus far. Plus, it usually involves less stress and energy than worry and/or excuse making. It also feels good, like I can chalk another time I did not use an excuse to avoid a decision.

    I should be a more efficient decision maker by the time I'm about 80. :D If I'm stuck in excuse mode, it's a fast decision to not decide. Just ain't a good one, keeps me stuck.

    So, I keep working at it.
    Last edited: May 27, 2016

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