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Cryptocurrency Experience?

Discussion in 'Investments to Grow Your Business' started by Dave Pin, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Dave Pin

    Dave Pin Member

    Hey EF has anyone got experience with cryptocurrency? I've invested back in 2014 in some bitcoin but still sitting on them. Is it still a money maker?
  2. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    I have never tried venturing into cryptocurrency before. Honestly, although I have already heard so much about bitcoins, I am still quite confused about the whole concept of it.
  3. localnode

    localnode Member

    I never invested in it. But have used it for accepting payments. On that front it's awesome. Unfortunately payment processors like Stripe allow you to accept it only if you're a USA company. Along with that BitPay and such have a minimum cash withdrawal of $1,000 for people outside of USA.
  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    There has been some interesting articles floating around the net this past month regarding the banking systems adopting part of the cryptocurrency business models to help them become more efficient internationally.

    Here is an article at American Banker.
  5. xeylonfm

    xeylonfm Member

    I have brushed shoulders with crypto currency of late and so far so good, I have done it in a right way without falling off the technical holes. Indeed you can decided to convert your hard cash to the crypto currency or like I do it, you can decide to trade in them like one would trade foreign currency. I feel this is the best method because you are shielded from a lot you may never fully understand. Crypto currency is HIGHLY…. [and I insist that word], HIGHLY volatile and therefore you need some cushion to trade between crypto currency and live cash. You can be successful if you are very cautious. Recent data from Bit Gold has indicated that as of today, over a million merchants worldwide accept Bit Coins which is quite encouraging. So far so good, crypto currency is here to stay. If you are willing to trade crypto currency without risks, you can check HERE or even HERE
  6. nailah783

    nailah783 Member

    I've just been having some fun with the bitcoin market, and I've made a little. Not much, but a little. I don't know if I was more serious about it would I make more, but I am having fun for the most part on the games and the faucets.
  7. 111kg

    111kg Member

    You are wasting your time with games and faucets. You barely make a few cents, but waste a lot of time, that could be used in a much more productive manner. I used to be the same back in the days where I was afraid to invest money and hoped that I would start a business once I would have had enough money, but I was spending way too much time.

    You could realistically spend the same time freelancing and then buy any cryptocurrency. You'd earn way more, honestly.
  8. xeylonfm

    xeylonfm Member

    I think @111kg has something important to say there @nailah783. When it comes to business, you must weight productivity and gauge the difference between time and money. If the gap is too wide, then the venture seems a little bit awkward and a time waster. The closer the pair, the better the business venture is. So you may have to resort to something more produce and look forward to making an investment rather than play the games. I have taken this approach in a couple of businesses am doing and I can say they were very smart decisions I made. You too can make them this minute and brace for a better time head. Good luck with that pal.
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  9. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    I'm still watching bitcoins and have actually gotten as far as setting up a wallet and all that. It's very difficult to ignore it as so many major companies are incorporating it as a legitimate method of payment for goods and services. This constantly keeps it in the face of governments who steadfastly fail to acknowledge the ease of transaction it allows, which is precisely what people want. I know we are going to see bitcoins standing firmly as a highly preferred method of spending and collecting in the near future. The dollar and its value has been a never ending discussion and crypto-currency is just standing at the door to fill any voids that may come with cash taking a walk into the wilderness.
  10. Nantchev

    Nantchev Member

    I think it has potential, albeit the main problem is crossing the chasm so people know about it and making it more accessible. The code to understand which account is your so long and too impractical.

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