With the rapid growth of Internet of Things, smart and well-connected home automation system is expected to grow from 83 million in 2015 to 193 million by 2020. So here are a few ways in which these smart devices will make our lives better:

1) Convenience is surely the best gift of home automation. When many people are on the move from one place to another on business and work trips, the home based appliances are not attended properly and sometimes after coming back from work, we don’t even get the time to individually connect with each device. In such situation a holistic network of home devices comes as a pleasant little surprise providing a comfortable and quick user experience.

2) Installation costs get reduced since no cabling is required and the whole system is connected through a cloud network. Moreover, there is no wastage of energy or increased expenses on electric bills, since the complete connection of your home appliance system can be turned off through your mobile phone, even if you forget to turn them off individually while going out.

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The thing that scares me about smart homes...reminds me of the that old movie where the computerized house took over, a la Hal style.

Of course, if you're very young, you won't understand what that means, probably. :D
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