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So i have my Peraonal Tainer Certification Exam next week.

So i need to start planming.

I have been thinking that i can work for myself, travel to peoples home and train them, approach large coperations etc.. And offer them te benefit that excersise and nutrition has on Creativity, focus and productivity in any business.

I live in Norway.. If i work for a gym they take %s i will earn around 40$ for each session i have.

If i work for myself i earn 100$ an session.

People say i should start out at a gym, to get experience.. But there i need to work twice as much.

I can get flyers produced, approach coperations, people in the street.

Fitnes and health is alwayd interessting to people. The average norwegian can afford a PT

Been thining about selling packages that offer 3 sessions a week. Thats 12 a month for 900$

They get 300$ or 3 sessions free every month. Thats one week free.

If i can get 10 customers that takes this deal i have 9000$ a month..

I feel in my gut that i should create my own business.. But my thoughts say i should start at a commercial gym..

I really dont want to work for anyone.. But i been unemployed for years.. But i really dont wanna work on anyone elses dream..
I don't know to much about the field, but I do have a friend whos a personal trainer online. He set up a website online with weebly for a couple hundred dollars and the rest is marketing. He finds people across America and does online training for them. So he'll write up a diet plan (macros) and a workout schedule that fits there needs then predicts the results they should get if they stay consistent.

The reason I like his idea a lot, is because he's a resource, If I have questions I can shoot him a fast test. He helps me stay accountable. Every week I get a test asking how the workout is going. The biggest thing for me is making sure I'm held accountable in my work and my workouts because if I'm not I will slack off!

He spends like 2 hours setting up the program and maybe an hour a month responding to text and emails. Then I pay him $75 a month. It is worth it for him and beyond worth it for me.

That's just what I found to be useful. Starting a business now a days can be so easy that it doesn't make much sense to work for someone else unless you are in a financial situation that prevents it.


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@James Fresh - See if the formula of 70 - 30 works for you, if you want to start a business lets say you do a plan for 1 full year and find out that you need investment say 10,000 USD (if business happens or not) then see if you have a spare 7000 USD available only for this venture.

By doing some math on calculator and foreseeing huge sales may not really convert practically on the ground.

So its well planing , cash in bank at least 70% and just following the passion usually results into good success at-least better than Fixed deposits in Banks for sure :)

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Yeah, I would do a deep competitive study for viability. @VirtualGlobalPhone is correct, you have to be properly finded and the amount has to be based on projections derived from an actual plan developed from research.


Working for own is brilliant idea, but in this scenario you have to keep patience. Initially you need to invest in business and work hard, but after some time you will get result of your hard work in terms of money.
Rule #1: you already work for yourself; sometimes you have a sole client who sees you as an employee, sometimes you have several clients who see you as a vendor/resource. A client is a client in either case--liable to cut you off and run the second it no longer suits them to have you around.
Hey Brother,

I've been where you are. I got ceritfied back in 2009 and today I'm currently running my own PT studio and It's awesome. I wake up every morning at 4:00 and it is the best habit that anyone can adopt. I had to put in ALOT of work to get things to be just the way I want them, but I did it, and you can too.

I'm not sure about how far $40-%100 dollars will go in Norway, but where I live (Upstate New York), 40 dollars for an hour of work is pretty damn good lol.

You definately have the Entrepreneurial spirit. I would say Listen to your gut, however, to a point.

Here's a couple things that will get you started:

1. One of your main focuses MUST be to build your knowledge base and experience. With more knowledge and experience, you can provide excellent customer service and training programs. By giving every single one of your customers awesome customer service, you'll be in a position to gain more referrals form your existing client base. From this increasing base, you can start to build your business.

You're in a good spot working in a gym because you'll be exposed to all kinds of personality types and you'll learn which ones you mesh with seamlessly and which ones probably wouldn't be the best fit for you lol

2. Know your limits - When I began training, I would take on every single client that came in the door and I was running myself ragged. I was working for a community center and literally picking up a new client every week. It go to the point where I was so in demand that I was literally training 4-5 clients BACK TO BACK, no breaks. I was sipping water during these 5 hour blocks and actually surviving on protein bars. It sucked. I was crusty looking lol. I scaled back my work load and my fitness program ( I was training heavy every day) so I had more energy to give better quality training to my clients AND build my business outside.

3. Determine if the gym you want to work for has a non-compete clause, meaning that while you're working there, you can't work anywhere else. If they do, then think carefully on all the pros and cons that face if you do decide to work there. I was fortunate in that my community center didn't make me sign a non-compete clause.

4. Remember of Expenditure and Return: sure, you may have to work twice as hard working in a gym, however, just remember, the more you're seen in the gym, the more likely people are to choose you over another trainer. One advantage that you have that I also had was that I was single and had no children, so I could literally work any hours I chose. I would be the last trainer in the place literally, meaning that I had the keys to th e fitness area and I was the last person leaving the building at 10pm. And I was the first person in the building at 4:00am.

Hope this helps you get started and whatever you decide, Good Luck to You Brother!!!


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