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Creating a catalog of e-books?

Discussion in 'Sales' started by CheckTheNumbers, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. CheckTheNumbers

    CheckTheNumbers Member

    I know a lot of people ask questions about e-books, but there is one in particular that I am having trouble getting info on.

    I am interested in creating a catalog - I want a series of books in a number of different fields that I excel in. I want them to be cleanly listed in the same page where I can constantly link people, so that one book promotes the rest, almost like a "bookshelf" that Barnes & Noble has. But I do -NOT- want it on Amazon or anything like that, I want all the books and prices to be plainly visible once a visitor has landed.

    Any recommendations for doing this and making it clean and enticing? Thoughts? Thanks!

    Edit: To be clear, there will be different pages for different niches, obviously. I will not be mixing my musicianship with my knowledge of HVAC, for example.

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