Hi! I’m new in this forum and I am very proud that I found it! :) Currently working in the hotel development team.

I am living in a town where the city itself is almost dead so it needs some place where its people could spend their time. That hotel is like city’s heart. The problem is that hotel is very old and not usable. Previous investors had a plan to make it into a hotel but the development stopped and that hotel is left now as a ghost in the town.

The plan is to make a hotel into indoor entertainment centre and hotel. It includes bath house underground, 2-floor night club, casino. We thought that to make only a hotel it wouldn’t be profitable so we need to make it into an indoor entertainment centre. The main focus now is on sky bar / rooftop (top floor).

We are trying to get some ideas on how we can implement a concept and make a nice place over there. We imagine the concept to be a cocktail bar, hookah and cigar lounge in the sky bar. We are trying to get as many ideas as possible on how the floor-top can be used to gather a lot of people to spend a nice time.

Another idea was to make hot tub cinema on the top of floor but we got rid of this idea because we have winter and it might be issue for that concept realization.

To get the point how the actual hotel looks like right now:


And the roof-top plan looks like:


I took some picture from top floor as well (sorry for only few photos):


These are ideas that could be implemented on the top of the hotel (sky bar: cocktail bar, hookah and cigar lounge, karaoke nights, etc.):


Do you have any ideas? Imagine: If you were this hotel owner, what would you make with floor-top? :)

I really would like to hear some opinions from the people who are experienced in this type of business and probably are hotel owners. Any people are welcome to offer ideas on top floor concept ideas. I would appreciate for your help. :)

P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes as I am from Europe country.


Welcome to the BizWarriors forum, savaslt.

I have no experience at all in the hotel industry but your vision looks awesome. :)
@savaslt I love the idea and the plans so far! I think the sky bar will be especially appealing because not many places allow smoking nowadays (even outside). You'll definitely have fun playing with lighting design and heater designs, too. One idea I have is to add a raised platform to allow for the possibility of live entertainment - even if it's just once a week. The other nights it you could put a table or two on the platform and use it as extra space.

Live music and drinking always go together in my mind. Hopefully this helps, I cannot wait to see what your company makes of the space!
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