Hey guys, would appreciate your opinion.
What are some tips to changing consumer habits for people to adopt something innovative / new? this is in relation to a lifestyle / foodtech project. Thank you!


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Hello @JieAi , like @djbaxter pointed your question is like TITLE OF THE BOOK. The topic is so big that you have books after books on these.
So point out exactly where you need assistance. I mean to what product / services and by giving direct example of a customer.


Hi Jie Ai,

As a rule of thumb, use "cost vs benefit' analysis, show them both images of 'before' and 'after' using your product and service. For example: how much money and time will they save in the long run, show them 'peace of mind', they are more healthy and happier....etc

You must always influence your audience by 2 key factors, which are logical and emotional factor.
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