3 consumer attention myths holding back marketers
by Helen Lin, Think With Google
December 12, 2017

Myth #1: People have the attention span of goldfish
I regularly hear it said that attention spans have shrunk. In reality, people can and do still pay attention. In fact, a new analysis of customer behavior shows 81% of video viewing sessions capture people's attention.

Myth #2: People pay attention to all screens equally
The latest research supports what we intuitively know to be true: when people are in a “lean-forward” viewing mode, they’re 1.5X as likely to pay attention than when they’re in “lean-back” mode. And they’re 1.8X as likely to be in lean-forward mode when watching online video compared to TV.

Myth #3: Even if people pay attention to content, they’ve learned to tune out ads
When we find ads relevant, we can’t help but pay attention. According to Ipsos, ads that are relevant to the viewer or feature people like them get 3X the attention of the average ad.


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