Dec 31, 2021
Hey Guys,

I am consultant, usually working on short term projects (3-18 months). Some of the engagements are W2 some 1099; usually 30-50 hours per week (I am hourly paid, no benefits, regardless of the engagement type).
My wife is a homemaker and is not planning to return to work in foreseeable future.

As the life these days is unpredictable and we have some available assets, I was thinking about registering an anonymous LLC (which in fact will be managed by my wife) to do the following:

1. Substitute my W2 engagements with corp-to-corp (many of my clients are not allowed to contract consultants directly and W2 thru other company eats a large chunk of rate).
2. Buy a few properties (mainly parcels and farms) and sell them after a few years (when I retire)

You may wonder why do I consider an anonymous LLC? For two reasons - first, see #1 above, plus - I HOPE this would allow us to retain properties if something unexpected happens forcing us to file for bankruptcy.

Does, what I described above, a legitimate case for LLC? Is this legal?

Thanks and Happy New Year!


Nov 10, 2016
Welcome to BizWarriors Jack_2 :)

I'm afraid I can't answer your question(s) but this will bump the thread and hopefully help you get a response from someone who can.


Dec 15, 2021
I'm not in legal but I'm pretty sure this is legal. I think an anonymous LLC is a great way to protect your personal assets from being attached by creditors. If you are in the unfortunate situation of becoming involved with legal proceedings that involve another person or company, an anonymous LLC can shield your personal assets from being taken by this other party. Just like what you stated above.

This will allow you time to resolve the issue without risking losing everything because of insufficient funds. Additionally, it's much more difficult for third parties who don't know about the existence of an asset to successfully claim ownership if there is no records showing its ownership at all - which is what would happen if something was not done about establishing identity before initiating litigation against someone else!
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