I'm building a website and was hoping to get some feedback. Please be brutally honest, I won't get my feelings hurt.

The site is

It's a movie discovery website/app which uses statistics/AI to learn your personality and give you personalized recommendations. It can also combine your personality with those on your "friends" list to recommend something you both would like to watch.

Thanks for your help. Please let me know if I can do anything for you in return.


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speige , simply listing based on one type of selection of category seems too simple. Too many things on the homepage which is bid DDD (Distraction , Diversion and Division) followed by confusion.

Appears the concept is good to build a good algorithms for apps / website for other potential. But i believe it needs lots of works.
Some of the movie suggestions are good. When you input some of the movies you like, it brings you some movie suggestions that you might want to watch. Put some borders on your movie description so that it would like nicer and to differentiate some layers.


You want to re-open that popup after you closed it?
It's kindof hidden. If you click "Sign-In" on the top-right, it'll take you to your profile page. Then you can click "Edit Favorite Genres".

Is that what you're asking?
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