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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bidnessman, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. Bidnessman

    Bidnessman Member

    Hello all, I'm currently in a pickle. I'm 22, and I switched my major to Marketing from communication, but it set me back 2 years. I would be graduating next year if I stayed in com. Would a business degree be beneficial to me or would a com degree work just as well to work in business if I don't want to pay another 2 years?
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  2. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    Welcome to BizWarriors, @Bidnessman. :)

    It's hard to say without knowing what your career goals are or what positions you are likely to be applying for but I think in general the business degree would be adequate. It might even be better for applying for jobs in areas other than marketing in the business world.

    In fact, in some professions, your major is less important than the fact that you have completed a degree. More people drop out or "fail out" of college and university programs than actually complete the program so the fact that you were able to persevere shows dedication and initiative.
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  3. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    Hi Bidnessman,

    I agree with @djbaxter, and want to share actionable tactic; but, I want to share my experience with you.

    Story 1:
    At one point in my career I needed to hire web developers.
    With the recognition that new college graduates lack experience, I genuinely wanted to hire them and help them grow. As such, I made sure the job postings were available at near by universities and specified minimal qualification.
    I interviewed computer science, electric engineering and computer engineering graduates who expressed interested. However, I ultimately hired an individual who was working towards a networking certification (not a 4 year degree).
    Due to lack of experience of science/engineering graduates, it would take me at a minimum of 6 months to acclimate the new hires; however, the individual that I hired was already experimenting with web programming and was better able to answer my question; thereby, giving me the confidence that it would be easier to bring-him up-to speed.

    Story 2:
    During my senior year in college, I recognized the need for relevant job experience. I started calling local businesses and reached-out to their IT department. I introduced myself as a computer science student (senior) and was looking for an internship opportunity. Companies stated that they do not have any internship position available, in which I then responded that I would be volunteering my services. After over dozen calls, one company decided to take me up on my volunteering services. Within a few months, the free internship position turned into a paid internship; but, more importantly it was the spring-board for my career.

    I've seen above theme many times. The individual who take the time to gain part-time relevant experience (before they graduate) start their careers before they graduate; however, individuals with no experience seem to be struggling with workforce even after they acquire their degree.

    In my opinion, they will work the same; it really depends on your experience.
    Take the time to find internship or volunteer in the field that you are interested.
    If you have a specific role in mind, look at the job description, and try to acquire that skill set.
    You can volunteer for business or non-profit to help build experience & portfolio to get you started.

    --- EDIT ---
    In addition to my volunteering internship, I was also working two paid part-time jobs; working in a fast-food restaurant , and in a local gymnasium. So, I understand your time-management challenge (school work + paid work + free internship work + college play). Good luck with your endeavor.
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  4. Bidnessman

    Bidnessman Member

    Thank you @djbaxter and @Edvin, both are great things to think about. My problem lies in I don't have a specific interest in business, rather I am interested in it all and would take pretty much any position offered, but i like marketing the most. Many people have told me that the experience is the key to getting jobs, yet the thought keeps coming to mind that a degree in the business field would be more desirable than in com. I guess I could always just ask local companies the same question, and also ask them for any internships paid or unpaid. I just don't want to put 2 more years into University with debt, but if i did i know it might help me more.
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  5. okanda

    okanda Member

    My suggestion is to continue what you have started. Business is always a good field to work with. Try your best and achieve the best.

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