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Closing sales hacks

Discussion in 'Sales' started by Yuliabrvk, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. Yuliabrvk

    Yuliabrvk Member

    In fact, I cannot even imagine that I’m able to make my customers buy something so easily. These techniques let me increase my earnings and promote my store. They surely work but I’d like to learn some of your experience of using the closing sales techniques. Share your experience, please.
  2. Zachary Kirkland

    Zachary Kirkland Member

    I have found that by not using high pressure sales but using information that is solving their problem makes the sale even easier. People do not want to be sold, they want their problem to be solved, so if you can solve their problem with your product or service then the sale is yours. This will also make that person more loyal to you, because they know you are there to help them not take advantage of them.
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  3. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    From consumer perspective I love it.
    From business perspective, I disagree.

    Do consumers need the latest smartphone?
    Great sales professionals will give consumers a sense of urgency and get them excited about purchases; otherwise, the customer will walk across the street and buy the competing product.

    My brother, currently an entrepreneur, has experience in sales and once was nationally recognized for highest Toyota automotive sales. His art of persuasion is so great that at one point in my youth I refused to communicate with him due to his ability to convince me on any topic; yes, he is that good.
    I know he uses many strategies; but, I was left speechless when he shared with me that as he communicates with someone, he is anticipating multiple responses and formulating respective counter points before the person has even responded! In a way, he is playing conversational chess. This strategy is used by attorneys where they anticipate and prepare for counter arguments in advance; maybe, that is why sales professionals and lawyers have a bad reputation.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018

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