I am wanting to do this without a website as I have been told that can do it that way and be successful. Is that true ?.

Also besides considering all of the points e.g. gravity – popularity etc. is there any particular price range that I should stay inside.

I am going to use Clickbank in and attempt advertise some of their products but I am not sure what ones to promote.

Can anyone out there give me a heads up on the to the areas and possibly the best individual products to promote.

I am also not sure gravity means in Clickbank.

Thanks Craig
I have never been a fan of Clickbank myself, but did try that route in beginning. I am not too good with sales which is all of clickbank. Particularly being a sales person is hard work but can be successful if your good at it. You would have to have a website/product to have something up on there as an advertiser. However, sounds like your looking for pub side which is usually done by a website. However, others do go down the way of paid advertisements such as SEO, Search, Social, PPC, PPV, CPC, ETC. However, you have to test keywords and keep changing them until you see what works. It is a skill that many (including me) are not too good at. You can loss thousands by doing so wrong.

Good luck with this.
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