Many people go to church on Sundays or attend gatherings to mark various holidays and other church based activities. This could be a good forum to advertise for a new product that would address the needs of the worshippers. There is an instance in Kenya where some pyramid scheme was initiated and marketed using the assurance of the church to its faithful. It turned out to be a scam and eventually collapsed leaving many financially wretched.


I have seen business advertisements in church bulletins and newsletters before. My guess is that you would have to be a member of the church, or at least someone they know well and trust.

I help run a non-profit and we promote the businesses who donate to us. That might be another way to get word out.


While having a church based audience if you want to call it that can be a good way to promote your business, then a lot is going to depend on what your business us in the first place of course.

If your in the business of selling naughty nightwear or products to use in the bedroom to enhance your sex life, taking out a two page spread in the parish newsletter might not be such a good idea, haha!


Getting some of the church leaders [not necessarily the preachers] to promote your business could work even better because church members respect them. I've seen them endorse politicians with good results so getting their help could be great for any business.

You could also start at the bottom and work your way up by being helpful around the church, earn the trust of everyone and then start promoting your business.

I ought to try this some day :)
First, the church is a business, an untaxed one. So you have to sell something that compliments the church whether it's a book about Christian texts, a Christian movie, or some event where people can pay to go build churches in another country. You have to approach using a church like you are two different partners in a joint venture. The businesses are still separate entities but will hopefully help each other out.


This reminds me of the nearby church (2 blocks away from our home) where there are vendors on church days. Carts with different fruits, snack foods and even meals are there on the side of the street. The vendors said that they have big sales because church-goers have the habit of buying their goods. Especially when there is an occasion where the church is jampacked with people, the sales of those vendors are greatly increased.
Hmmm... Church-based marketing isn't something that I have particularly tried yet. We go to church every week but we haven't thought of advertising our products or services there. I'm sure our local parish priest would lecture us if we did, lol. I can see though that it might work if you're a member of the Church organisation.

It might be easy to sell stuff or market some products to your colleagues. And most especially if it's related to your religion, like crosses, bible, rosaries and all these things. However, I don't know if unrelated items might work and if you can sell those to them.

Regardless, the Church might not be the best place to sell items. You can do it outside of Church and just invite the members of your organisation some place else. It's more professional that way even.
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