Hello everyone.
I hope you are all having a lovely day today. I would like to recommend a great chrome extension called Momentum. It motivates me everytime I open my browser.

Momentum acts as a personal dashboard that allows you to write your name, goals andkeep some notes. The background has never failed me, each day it changes to a new stunning hd photo from different countries. I enter my single most important thing to do each day which helps me keep focused.

What google chrome extensions do you like?


Jack Benoit

SEОquаke is eаsily оne оf my fаvоrite Сhrоme Extensiоns fоr mаrketing beсаuse it helрs me get tо knоw my seаrсh соmрetitiоn а little better, аs well аs оther things.

This аll-in-оne tооl lets yоu sсаn seаrсh result listings оr раges tо see hоw they соmрete аgаinst yоu. Yоu саn see things like Раgerаnk, Аlexа rаnk, dоmаin аge, SEMRush Rаnk, Bing Index, аnd even whether а link is fоllоw оr nоfоllоw


I use Google's official Chrome Cast extension. It works well with ordinary tabs like browsing websites, browse and view videos and can be connected to your favourite screen installed with Chrome Cast machine and streaming of content is possible for example, You Tube videos.


Lazarus is my absolute favorite. I have it on my Firefox AND Chrome, and it's a total life-saver. It saves any text you type out in a form, so if your browser (or computer) crashes on you... it will still be there when you turn it back on! I can't tell you how many posts/articles it has saved for me. I totally recommend it.


Click&Clean is a very nice power tool for Chrome, it is basically a very handy way to access all the more complex Chrome options and functionalities right from the GUI and by clicking a button. For instance it offers you a button to clean all your cookies immediately for all sites. I use that a lot. I mean, you could enter the Chrome configuration and track down where you can do that but nothing beats the convenience of pressing a simple button
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