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Choosing a Domain: Name Generator Tools

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Nov 10, 2016
The Four Best Website Name Generator Tools
Carrie Dagenhard, WordPress.com
June 25, 2018

Your domain name... is your brand’s identity... You need to choose a name that’s meaningful, representative of your brand, powerful, concise, and easy to remember. We’ve compiled a list of the four best (and free) website name generators.

1. LeanDomainSearch
LeanDomainSearch returns thousands of domain names in seconds, indicating which names are available and which are already registered. Create a list of potential options by starring your favorites, and see which names are available as handles on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to keep your brand’s identity cohesive across all channels.

2. Panabee
If a name is accompanied by a blue heart icon on Panabee, it means that it’s available. A broken heart means that the name is already registered, and will lead you to the WHOIS page to learn more about the current registrant.

3. NameStation
NameStation search results provide phonetic and alliterative names, as well as alternative names. You can also crowdsource creativity by hosting your own domain naming contest.

4. I Want My Name
iwantmyname is an excellent tool if you already have an established brand or a domain name in mind. A sad face icon means that the name is already registered, but don’t despair — this tool also lists similar available domain names along with the current price to purchase through this registrar.

More Information
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