I represent a New Communication Solutions/ Services Division of a company backed by a first rate, respected telecommunications leader, Telegration Communications.

Our goal is to help businesses to eliminate the high confusion, hassle, indecision and high costs that are traditionally associated with managing telephone, internet, and cloud services with our proven process used for 27 years helping businesses identify their best telecom solutions.

There is NO COST nor risk to the business. Since we are compensated by the carriers and based on results it is in our best interest to make certain each business receives the best pricing, strategies and services available.

The biggest benefit for businesses will be a potentially substantially lower cost of ownership (TCO) than would be experienced with a “traditional” technology buying process. The results may save them money and time while becoming more efficient, modern, secure and competitive.

We can help with: Internet (cable, Fiber, wireless), Phone (Mobile, VoiP, Hosted PBX, (51P), Cloud (Storage, Desktop, Computer), Data Protection (Replication and Backup), Security (DDOS, Pen Assessments), Co-location (Racks, Storage, Connectivity); also Small Business Loans and Merchant Processing.

We are very excited to be able to bring this service to everyone on this forum.

Link to website: https://youngevitycommunications.com/#101220379
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