Times are changing. Stereotypes are changing.

Change with the times for successful branding and marketing.

How Can Brands Win Dads’ Loyalty on YouTube?
by Ekaterina Petrova,
June 14, 2017

Old media is full of fathers who are tough and aloof—characters who never betray their feelings or emotions. And yet, far removed from the Hollywood of yesteryear, men today are stepping into more rounded, warmer portraits of fatherhood. Dove Men+Care, for one, has noticed.

The brand launched in 2010 to fill a white space in the marketplace for grooming products specifically designed for men, with marketing that relies on breaking stereotypes to engage this audience. When the brand team uncovered that only 7% of men relate to depictions of masculinity in media today, they decided to lean into a new truth when it comes to real men: Care makes a man stronger, and men today want to see this reflected in the content they engage with.

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