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I really cant focus on anything productive while at home.

Is it better to work and study my books at a Caffe, or like a library?


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hi @James Fresh , The reason you may not be able to focus is probably, whatever you are doing its not meeting or creating the WOWOWness in your eyes at the first place.

When you are with that, ask yourself - "How can i create the same focus when i see most gorgeous Women across a coffee table". :)
The same thing happens to me in business and in working out. If I go to a gym I focus and get my work done the best I can. If I workout at home I see a couch, a fridge full of goodies, and its easy to stop and lay down on the couch for awhile. In the office, people are watching! I need to be productive so I can move on and do what I enjoy doing. If I do it at home, there to many temptations to quit.

Hope this helped


Completely same here. If I am home always feel that I need to check something, need to work on some other things just for a little, which ended up that I don't work. For me going to some place, library or an office is a big push for me to work or study and don't do anything else.


Working or studying from home is cost free but I usually find myself distracted every few minutes. I'm more focused if I go out and separate myself from the home setting. In your case the library would be a great place to study.
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