Congrats Pejman Ghadimi for being the spotlight of Entrepreneur Expert of the Week!

I have a question which people commonly over see, obviously people think Success can be copied, by following and mimic the ways the Successor did, but end up in different results.

Since you're a Successor now, I assume you have a target in past you wished to pursue.
How did you reach that path, how did you achieve success.

A path that someone else has traveled can be duplicated or even walked on by copycats. The downfall is that the reward and learning is never the same the second time around. there is still the possibility of massive success, but not as much as the first person who got there. You ll have to branch off at some point and create a new path even if you started following someone else's to begin with. I never copied others. I always found my own path based on my talents meeting my opportunities. When you realize what that means, you ll know what to do.
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