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Can someone help?

Discussion in 'Online Marketing and Advertising' started by ApKadmus, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. ApKadmus

    ApKadmus Member

    Last year I started a publishing company and publishing services firm. You can see my finished website at VegasPulsePublishing.com.
    You see I've published several books and novellas already from authors.

    I have the business already set in place, industry knowledge, ability to undercut larger publishing firms, website setup etc. but haven't been able to get my word out there. I have no social media presence and not much SEO knowledge. Also no networking. You see under my Services offered I have nothing there either for authors/clients in regards to Marketing their publications as well.

    If someone can help either thru suggestions for increasing traffic and business, or even in becoming partners to aid in the endeavor, I would be interested in hearing it out. This is both marketing to help increase business as well as marketing of books from clients.
  2. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    i would suggest to add a service where the books you publish for the writers are also sold on your website. Obviously, an e-commerce option would need to be added which you can get one custom made for your site or try to do for free by using WordPress.

    Other than that, I would also recommend starting a blog as well on your site (WordPress - works great). You can talk about the work you do and services you offer first. Then talk about your bio so people can see your experience, discuss the publications you have successful done, and some positive customer reviews would help for sure.

    After that, I would recommend you add an Facebook icon to all pages (usually a good place is on the right hand side of all pages) and other social media accounts for your business so people can like/follow you and you can update it by sharing your blog posts, ext to them.

    Above is free advertising I recommend that you go ahead and by social media traffic, adwords, etc. Amongst those you published for you can ask to share on social media/email their followers (FREE) & other types of free (like craigslist) and paid online advertising along with TV promotion if you have the money to invest. That can really blow up your business but nothing is guaranteed, obviously.

    Hope this helps!
  3. JShivell33

    JShivell33 Member

    How have you been marketing the business so far? You mentioned you have no social media presence and not much SEO knowledge. That needs to be fixed. You need, minimum, a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account, and you need to be active on them on a regular basis, not only participating in discussion but starting your own as well. You mentioned on your site that you provide videos of books or authors. You need to make some yourself. as far as SEO, you need to either learn it or learn enough to be able to hire a reputable firm to do it for you. You have no keywords or rankings, so I did a preliminary analysis of your home page using the keyword "publishing services firm" and you got a score of 54%, which is higher than usual, but still not high enough. You need to find out what phrases authors are using to find your type of business, then use those in your content. You will also need to use them in your updates in your social media accounts, articles, and blog posts(if you do not have a blog, as William suggested, make one, and post to it on a regular basis).
    Getting back to your analysis, you need to use your keywords in the title tag and description meta tag. Get rid of the keywords meta tag, you don't need it. Or alternatively, you need to pursue the actual keywords people are using to find your type of business. Some of the other issues are:
    No "alt" tags on images
    add H1, H2 and H3 tags(headings)
    Insufficient content
    No keywords in content
    No backlinks

    If yo can PM me your contact info, I can send you a copy of the analysis, and perhaps discuss it with you.
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  4. Diken Smith

    Diken Smith Member

    If you have any online business , research the market that how the competitor promote their business, you should be aware of market and marketing for your business, knowledge of seo and social media will take you market and you will come to know for the same. You should leverage the social media platform to promote your products and services by piece of content and offer something, blog and many more.

    Hope this will help you
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  5. Adam Toren

    Adam Toren Administrator Moderator Member

    Well the good news is, as you mentioned you already have published some authors novels. That's a great start.

    Here are some things that I noticed that I would recommend you fix and improve on your site and your overall brand image.

    1) you should go through your website and make sure that everything is clean and well organized. I noticed on your services page that you have some issues with formatting. (See image attached)

    2) I agree with the others that mentioned you should probably add a blog portion to your site. Yes, Wordpress is your best bet. This way, when people come to your site they can quickly get an idea of some of your strategies and ideas you will utilize to promote their books. I feel that is a major part of what is lacking content-wise on your site along with an "about us" section that will help tell your story so site visitors can quickly understand who you are, what you do and your capabilities.

    3) another thing that would most likely assist you with giving new potential clients peace of mind are some written and video testimonials from previous clients.

    4) yes, social media is definitely A great way to get the word out about your company and your services. If you would prefer to focus on only one social media platform for now, then do that. It's better to do a great job updating one social media platform than leaving several dormant.

    5) once you get your site updated and looking the way you feel it should, you may want to consider hiring someone with SEO experience that can ensure your site has all of the features needed such as a site map and proper structure that will eventually assist you in getting organic rankings on the larger search engines.

    Let us know when your site has been updated and we will definitely be happy to take another look.

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  6. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    Okay. Love what you're doing but I have a few suggestions.

    There is no method of contacting you except filling out a form or sending an email (didn't notice the email address until the second time I looked at the site). A physical address and phone number would increase your trust factor. A lot.

    You have no Privacy Policy or TOS, either. It's a good idea for both visitors and Google to have your legal links at the bottom of your homepage.

    In addition to the blog and social accounts recommended by others in this thread, I would absolutely set up a LinkedIn profile. It's professional and also gives you a bit of increased trust.

    If you have any association memberships, put the badges on your site.

    That's it off the top of my head.

    Have you tried paid ads, or are you wanting to just use free promotion?

    Yes! Great idea!

    If you're comfortable with it, you might try putting your photo on the site. Makes it a bit more personal and easier for visitors to make a connection because they see who they're dealing with.

    Trust + Expertise = Good!
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  7. bphower

    bphower Member

    Hi. I agree with most of the other comments/suggestions. My advice would be to consider starting your site over.
    There are several glaring omissions which are not helping you get traction. SEO is something that is tricky as well.
    There are a zillion so cal SEO experts out there that would gladly sell you a bill of goods. If you would like to discuss what I mean, let me know and we can try to set up a discussion.
  8. Jia

    Jia Member

    I can help you, I went through a very similar experience with my first startup and ended up going to NYU to learn SEO and have had quite a bit of PR for my biz too...happy to chat. Feel free to reach out anytime.
  9. Vanhook

    Vanhook Member

    @ApKadmus, I wouldn't stress about anything else than getting your first 100 costumers until you get there, and most likely those aren't going to be scalable and going to be a lot of work.

    I want to give you more specific advice, though. How did you land those first authors?

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