Can Microsoft Compete With Apple In Devices?

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I voted "no".

The reason is, I think that both companies strengths lie in different areas. Remember the Zune? Microsoft's own take on the iPod never really took off. The iPod continues to dominate today.

However, would Apple stand any chance of making a gaming console which could rival the Xbox? And could they come up with an operating system and software suite which would be as universally used as Windows and Office?

To me, Microsoft and Apple excel at different things and there's little point in them trying to compete with each other. The market clearly has room for them both.
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I believe Microsoft can really compete with Apple when it comes to devices. Nothing is impossible anyway, specially in the field of technology. Who knows, Microsoft would take it up a notch and be able to beat Apple. Honestly though, I am not a huge fan of Apple products. I find them pretty complicated to use.


IMO Microsoft can compete with Apple in devices. As @dyanmarie25 says nothing is impossible.
If you want to do and work hard for that then you can achieve whatever you want.
But my concern is when Microsoft trying to being equal with Apple in devices then apple would considering something new thing where Microsoft is defeated and to achieve such trust or competing with apple need to thing out of the box.

Kathryn M.

I don't think so. Microsoft has been trying for the last decade, but they still come up short. The problem may be that they are in fact, trying to compete. They may need to forget about competing and just focus on making great products. When you take your eyes off the competition and realize the only competition is yourself, then things start to improve.

There is still a large market for Microsoft. It's all the people who dislike Apple. So give those people more of what they want. Which is simply the same machine and software they have always had, but faster. Sometimes I feel like Microsoft is continuously trying to reinvent the wheel when they should just speed up what they already have.


I also voted 'No'. Not because I know much about technology but because I think Microsoft is better known for its buggy systems and Apple has a reputation for awesome gadgets.

Could be nothing more than my personal perception but there you have it. And I don't own anything Apple.


I don't think they can compete with each other, they're pretty different in a lot of areas. I've always liked Microsoft, but Apple has gotten ahead of the game pretty quickly. They're very modern and innovative and always coming up with new things.
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