My friend works in a company which has everything from convenience stores to restaurants. Last week, she was asked by her boss to find ways in order to save energy and water. She told me that a good amount of money has been allotted for this program. Now, she's asking me for help and I was wondering if you guys here have any suggestions. Anyone?
With regards to conserving , perhaps you could cut down your food and water waste. Not only for that matter, but also in terms of power consumption. Other ways that I just thought of is to ask assistance from a utility company because they can provide you with an assessment of how much energy you do have and the expense that you usually have for it. Otherwise, the right technology assistance will be the other solution in helping you with your goals to save.
I read your post earlier and thought that you have some good ideas there so I did a quick Google search. I found this one company which provides energy management solutions and continuous monitoring. Didn't even know that there was such a thing. I just hope their budget can afford it.
Thanks for posting!
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