Hi All,

As a new Mum with a burning ambition to do something meaningful aside from raising children 24/7, I'm hoping you can give me some feedback, tips or guidance regarding my business idea.

Having travelled throughout all 7 continents, I have been very fortunate to have seen a lot of the world and over the years I have often heard the statements "You're so lucky...", "I wish I could..." or "I can't afford to...". It makes me sad.

So my aim is to give others an opportunity to experience the wonder of travel. Whilst some may not have the means to venture to all corners of the globe, I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to sample a part of our big, wide world.

The essence of my project is about giving people a taste of travel and educating them about the diverse lands that make up our world - the people, cultures, traditions, foods and crafts. At present I am looking to do this by way of a "journey box" which is essentially a delivered package of products sourced from or inspired by particular regions. Each package contains carefully-curated items to evoke a sense of adventure, to educate and to spark the imagination of curious armchair travellers.

Now, as a business novice, I am clueless as to whether there is actually a market for this so I thought this forum could be a good start?

What stops you from travelling more? Which destinations excite you? Would you be interested in learning more about the world and receiving an exotic treat in your mailbox? If so, what kinds of things would appeal to you? Do you know of others who may like the sound of this idea?

I sincerely welcome any support, guidance, sharing or suggestions you can offer and, hopefully, together we can create a way of bringing the world to all.

By the way, I am located in Australia.

Many thanks in advance! :)


Hi @Paige ,

I am really interested in your business idea! Looks like i'm one of those people that gives those statements.
"Armchair Travellers" , that sounds awesome. I seriously think that your idea of a "Journey Box" is a good one.
What stops me from travelling? Financial & time. Destinations that excites me? Australia, UK, Dubai, Japan, NZ and many more. Would you be interested in learning more about the world and receiving an exotic treat in your mailbox? Definitely. If so, what kinds of things would appeal to you? Things that will remind you of that country. *for some reason, boomerang reminds me of Australia. used to have a boomerang with a kangaroo carvings from there.
I really am excited to see how this business will grow. Will be glad to be part of your start-ups.

Btw, i'm from Singapore.



The market isn't hard to test. My question to you is, how are you going to get/buy all those exotic artifacts? How are you going to keep things viable?

Other than that, the idea is awesome :) I usually ask my friends to get me local artifacts and I collect them. Irrespective of whether I've been there. So, I have everything from a genuine jap kimono, to shoes and a windmill replica from amsterdam, to the "I love NY" shirt. Even though I myself have only traveled to a couple of countries. If you combine these products with information booklets on say "how to use a kimono" etc. you'll make a good amount of money.

Also, please look into guys who fly free across the globe. You can partner with a few. I bet there are such people in Australia closer to you. And you can guest blog on each others' blogs (which I advice you create as soon as you set up shop).


Thanks so much for the feedback! :) You've been really helpful and I appreciate the time you've taken to answer my questions thoughtfully.

JDI: As I progress with my project I'll no doubt want to bounce other ideas off someone who is interested in the concept. Would you be interested in this?

djentre: You are right - sourcing the products at reasonable cost is going to be challenging but I can only try. You say "the market isn't hard to test"...How do you suggest I go about this? I have tried asking on relevant Facebook pages but haven't had any success and I don't trust friends & family to give me honest, impartial feedback - they will tell me what they think will please me. That is why I've posted here. I'm also curious about "guys who fly free across the globe"...where would I find these people? I've never heard of such thing. Sounds ideal!

Thanks again for your thoughts & suggestions. I really do appreciate it! :)


Wow. That's really an awesome idea, @Paige! Honestly, I have never heard of something like that before, and yes way, I am absolutely interested in your products/services. Since I don't have much time and money for travelling, little packages and small surprises from around the world would already feel like I have also gone to those places. Best of luck with this one! :)


I think it's a great idea. There are a lot of people out there that haven't got the means or impetus to actually travel around the world. Obviously your product/service would have to be an immersive experience, or at least as immersive as possible. I've also traveled a fair bit (UK guy living in Asia and having lived in the US), and the benefits have been enormous. I think it would be good if you were also able to target teenagers that are curious and can expand their mind.


Do you have, by any chance, lots of pictures of all those travels? If you have some very amazing photos and lots of real stories about your travels I would seriously consider to make some kind of blog or use some platform like instagram to put all that up. You could gather a sizable following if you have very exotic original and quality photos of cool locations. I would follow and subscribe to you, that's for sure, specially if you can attach an interesting story to every picture and give it some kind of travel guide spin. You can then monetize all that content.
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