Okay, before you go crazy, this isn't an insane idea, even though it's a super saturated market. What you need to do is get a good design (you can do this buy contacting a freelance designer) (cheaper) and having them create a great design for your brand. Focus on your target audience e.g. Women? Children? Men? Unisex? Babies clothes? Teens? Etc.

A great way I've seen brands promote their ideas is via Instagram. Yes, Instagram. A great way to utilise Instagram is to have people endorse your products in return for you sponsoring them. E.g. Have them wear your shirt and showcase it to their followers = more attention for your brand.

If you can't, for whatever reason make your own t-
shirts etc, head over to represent.com or spreadshirt.com. These websites allows you to sell your clothes without you having to worry about financials/inventory, etc.

One example of a brand (who aren't clothing related) is Fit tea. They've leveraged their customers to grow their brand by making them their very own brand ambassadors. E.g. A customer of theirs Posting a picture of the fit tea box and uploading it to drive awareness of the product on Instagram.

Don't forget that if you decide to go down this route, hashtags are your friends. Use relevant hashtags consistently and network with other fashion enthusiasts.


I am actually pretty interested in this kind of business. Since I am also into fashion, I would like to start my own online clothing store in the future. And yes, I believe Instagram would be a good social media platform to utilize when it comes to advertising my products/items.


Instagram is great for showing off products if you're displaying something visually appealing. However, I would argue that it is only truly useful for promoting to the teenage age group. There are very few adults that use Instagram.


I'd have to agree and while instagram is a useful platform to use, the market will be limited to the younger audience.

Pinterest could also be an idea, and while it might not be as popular at the moment as some of the other social media sites, the members are growing, and they seem to attract a larger age range.


Instagram is huge at the moment and will only get bigger. Lots of people/businesses are becoming very successful. One to watch in 2016.


Clothing on Facebook is also a good model. Just create a novelty page, get people to share your stuff and come periodically and from that point on, your success is pretty much granted as long as you're willing to work on that brand.
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