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Business Idea #1...Bundled Home Services

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by WillyWallace, Jan 8, 2016.

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  1. The idea is to "bundle" 4 monthly home services...pest control, landscaping, housecleaning, and pool service.

    The concept is to partner with 4 of these businesses in each area...neighborhood...ZIP Code...etc. - based on the population, how the area is split up...ones that already have customers in that given area.

    So the bug guy might have 20 customers in the area...the pool guy might have 7...whatever. There would be some overlap, but also lots of opportunities for the bug guy to get a new customer from the pool guy.

    Each business partner would leave a flyer with their customers...explaining the bundled service. The way it works is simple...the customer gets a discount on each new service they sign up for thru the program.

    For example...the bug guy leaves a flyer with his customer, and that customer decides they want to hire a new house cleaner, or maybe they don't have one currently- doesn't matter. By choosing the house cleaner in our program...they would get 10% off ongoing.

    To take this a step further, the more businesses they hire in the program- the higher the discount ongoing for each new service. So maybe 10% for one...15% for 2...20% for 3.

    So it's a win win win. The customer gets high quality service at a discount...the business gets new customers(albeit at a discounted price)...and I would get paid somehow ongoing to put it all together in each area.

    Please share any input...good or bad...and thanks again!!
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  2. Joe

    Joe Member

    So you would be the middleman? Just connecting these services with a home? What would be amazing is if you got a group of people that became skilled with incentive - to drive their want to learn (just my opinion) - in all those areas and tried to sell "packages" to homes and to recent home buyers
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  3. Hi Joe- thanks for your input!

    Yes- I would put the program together in each area...finding 4 interested businesses. A mix of referral marketing with discounted high quality services.

    These businesses are always looking for new customers- they spend a lot more than what I would charge.

    And I personally spend $315/month on 3 of the 4...it adds up.
  4. Joe

    Joe Member

    and just say for all 4 is about $360 you would make say 30%- 40% give or take if they let you get that much thats $108-$144. Missing out on $216-$252, I just like to be in charge with my ego. And would try to make an "all-in-one" type business, but what do I know I'm just a 19 year old.
  5. I would charge a flat monthly fee...make it as much of a "no brainer" as possible for businesses to stick with it.

    I wouldn't be involved in invoicing or anything like that. This is strictly a referral program.
  6. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    Now that I found your idea (lol), I like it. It has merit, and depending on how you implement it, it could be big. It would be important to keep an ongoing value to the providers in being a part of your network though, to where they wouldn't just cancel their subscription after they had a certain amount of customers in an area.

    For that reason alone, it might be ideal to work with many of the same types of companies, so that the competition is always there...and if one major company decides to cancel their subscription because they have what they need from you, it would be a mistake for them to do that since their competition would benefit by listing with you instead.

    As long as you can keep the value ongoing for being a part of your bundled services group, it's a good idea for the long run.

    You might also want to include a business-to-business (B2B) angle of your services as well, since the home services are only a few at a time (pool cleaning maybe once a month, pest control once every 3 to 6 months on average, house cleaning sporadically as-needed), but things like Water delivery, Food Delivery, etc are needed every single day at businesses, and people will compete to be on your list for that if you can secure them business rather than having to entice providers to be on it and subscribe with you.

    Just my thoughts on it. Either way, I think you have something there and it can be successful. Good luck!
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  7. Great feedback bud thanks!
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