Hi. So I just signed up here at bizwarriors in search of information on how to begin my own business of selling things.
In my search to understand more I have found the idea of buying in bulk from places like alibaba. My biggest question mark is on finding that perfect in-demand niche. But it seems like it would be hit and miss unless you really understand what you are doing. My question is are there any resources, ideas on finding such a niche?
There must be something that could help me wrap my head around the process

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@Townale ; If you are looking at niche product or services then Internet will keep feeding you so much, you may end up emptying the whole hard earned savings of yours.

But if you ask yourself "What's one thing that i can contribute 100%" than you may be able to select and shortlist few. From their a basic study and just walk in your local places and ask around 25 places about the product and service you want to bring in. If you get 40%+ "yes", than consider jumping into it.
I think you just need to find a need and fulfill it. Why are people always buying and selling diabetic test strips? Why do some make so much money by buying and flipping houses? The concept of buying and selling for a profit will never be new, but you could identify a major need and fill it.
I agree with @Josephine Stuart - it is all about finding the need, sell to the demand. Try observing the people and area around you. Do you see a constant problem that has not been solved for weeks/months/years? Is there something you can do about it? Is there a common inconvenience you might be able to help ease (i.e. a cup holder you can attach to your bike so you can drink on-the-go)?

Once you find that, then you can go about setting up your business, how you want to sell, how you want to market, etc. Remember, your niche might only be towards a certain "audience." However, if you sell online you can reach more people looking for your niche. If you do not want to start online now, keep it in mind for later. Good luck and keep us updated!
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