Nine Brands Who Have Mastered Instagram
by Meaghan McCarthy,
September 14, 2017

Instagram is an image based platform. It’s where hobby photographers, style setters, food artists, and more come together to show off their photos. If your business wants to get noticed, you have to have images that resonate.

Boutique-style online fashion retailer ModCloth uses magazine quality photos that feature their staff members wearing some of the pieces they carry. Some are more glam and others silly, but they are all well lit and intentionally shot.


On Twitter, it is best practice to keep your hashtags to a minimum.... on Instagram, it’s not uncommon to have 10-20 hashtags on a single image, covering every different way you can describe the image....

Camp Brand Goods created the hashtag #keepitwild and encouraged their followers to use it when they took photos with their products. They then “regramed” those photos, showing off the testimonial while building a relationship with their customers.

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