So, I know a lot of big brands who simply don't know what they're doing when it comes to using social networks or other ways of internet marketing.

But, there are definitely some not-so-big brands who have been able to capitalize on social media to create massive followings and generate buzz. They've also been able to do really well in other aspects of IM.

Name a few companies that have done it right when it comes to their SM and IM strategy?


I think entertainment media has been doing very well these days when it comes to internet marketing. Talk shows nowadays focus a lot more on making snippets of content that can do well online and can possibly go viral, and even though it's not my personal favorite tactic since I see it as being a bit artificial, I can see why it's necessary for the format to keep up with the current generation. Another recent example for me would be Deadpool. I think they did a lot of right moves, from leaking the trial from a few years ago all the way to now with how they made a lot of extra content that wasn't in the movie just to hype it up even more.


Yes, the Deapool marketing was amazing! And it paid off big time.

I like brands that don't take the whole social media thing too seriously and are very relaxed and funny about it, something like Taco Bell.

I like the idea that you can mess around with somebody representing this huge corporation and they are free to respond and interact with you in funny ways, I don't follow brands that use social media to simply advertise a service of product, that's boring, why would I want to follow what is basically a stream of advertisement?


I'm not actually sure there ARE any brands that have done it right, as such, I just think they've hit the market at the right time, and been able to gauge peoples outlook better than others at that particular moment, if that makes sense?

You can have two items exactly the same but sold by competing companies. One takes the more deadly serious advertising campaign route, the other goes for the fun way of marketing. Both are good enough to gain attention and sales, but the most successful campaign will be down to the mood of the consumers at that time, and whatever company judges that right, they're the ones that will come out on top.


One that comes to mind would be drinks companies. When Mountain Dew released their new drink in the UK they created all of their hype over social media.

From what I've heard instagram is used a lot to create this hype but unfortunately it's a platform I've never used. Then you have all the sponsored posts that you find on the likes of Facebook. This normally covers everything from online casinos to telecommunications companies. We're in the age of the internet and I don't think there are many companies that don't have some form of online advertising campaign.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Frank Body, and Zach King.

What do they all have in common? They are DESTROYING IT on Instagram.
Jeffree Star has built his reputation for years and has become an aficionado in the makeup genre because of his flawless applications. So when he came out with a product, everyone was clawing for it. And now, if you are featured on his profile - prepare for Instagram Domination and entry into his inner circle. He's the Insta-Oprah.

Frank Body is FUN-NY. You would never know looking at their profile that it was run by 3 females who have a tongue in cheek type of humor, from a guys perspective, when commenting on other peoples photos using their product. It's authentic, hilarious, and the reviews back the hype.
It also helped that when they first started out on Instagram they were posting every hour, on the hour, and even had a virtual assistant overseas who posted while they slept. Now THAT'S how you enter into the Instagram-sphere!

Lastly, there is Zach King. Why is his brand a behemoth? Because he shows his work! If not everyday, every other day. He's giving us a complete story in 15 seconds that blows our MIND and has made him a MEGA success.

If you ever want to learn about branding, you can learn a LOT from studying these 3 brands.


I would say one I can think of that is not as popular as coca cola or large enterprises is The Beauty Blender. I recently got interested in make up and many beauty vloggers sold me into buying an expensive beauty blender that I hardly use. The marketing was great, it sold me dreams that all my makeup will look flawless and the results were spectacular. It is a good quality sponge for people who work in the makeup industry, but it is useless for people like me who apply makeup once in a blue moon.


Another good example would be some fitness trends like Zumba. When Zumba markets itself, it uses not only the people actively taking classes but the people who teach it as well. Zumba went and made fashion, shoes, bracelets, music... all the things that people invest in when they truly love something. Then, the corporation got zealous and fabricated a video game. It was terrible but people bought it anyway because why? For the love of Zumba! (Sounds like an intergalactic swear haha) Nevertheless, companies that branch out in directions relevant to the main topic of their business seem to become perennial.
Marketing kinda depends on the business whether it's long term or short term. Considering the youtube big guns, buzzfeed and college humor, they use internet in the most efficient way and they probably earn millions of dollars with the views they get. you can check out the site social blade. They give an approximate picture of how much money each channel can earn. Amazon does it really well, probably why they don't have many rivals.


I think with a lot of the companies mentioned though, they've got the one thing that every business doesn't, and that's millions of dollars sat in the bank account.

When you've got huge budgets to fall back on, advertising, promoting and getting your brand out there is a lot easier than if your on a shoestring budget.
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