First, I want to cross-reference a great post from @Jessica about SEO content.

I also want to call-out on yet another great article The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Brick and Mortar Businesses.

It is chalk full of great info regarding content marketing. For example, it talks about:
  • Long tail words, finding them and constraining them to geo-location
  • Using alerts be first to post on newsworthy events
  • The implication of inconsistent Name, Address & Phone (NAP)

While reading through above article I stumbled on upworthy.com that pulls content from viral blogs.
Because I'm going into the education industry I searched STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and found an inspirational story about how parents brought STEM to their small town. This got me thinking that I can do something similar; even bring FIRST Robotics to my community. However, I have to shelve these ideas for another year since multiple concurrent projects is not a good idea (right now I'm in planning phase of my business). Nevertheless, it does highlight how we can find opportunities with viral content.
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I have used some, the traffic had raised a little bit, but what else I can do when my target is business owners 35-50 yo?


Hi Monika,

There is a lot of content in the few links I provided; so, in a way you need to market your content (i.e. on you social media, forums, etc), which means measuring the quality of your content from SEO and marketability (interesting to readers) aspect of it.

Quick win might include becoming guest poster on high traffic site or even pay another high traffic blogger to reference your recent article or be the first to blog on viral news.

If you are interested in business owners, you need to map-out their journey and decide in what part of their endeavor you want to reach them. You can't afford to market to every business owner at every part of their journey. For example, new owner will be research the internet about incorporating the business, looking for logo, banks, etc. In a way, you can use a business plan template as a guide to figure out what activities the business owners will engage in. After the business is established, the journey might be more domain specific; for example, building relation with partners in the field, or looking for more capital for additional investment, reducing operation costs, employee management, etc.
Trade journals are good examples of domain specific audience.

I would suggest creating a checklist for yourself that would systematically address all the items from above links for your blogging. For example, what keywords have you tried targeting in your content, what is the keyword frequency and density, do they meet your minimum internet search criteria, etc.

It is a long and tedious process.

Hope this helps.

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Hey Monika,

I don't know if you are advertising, or planning on advertising or pushing a Content Marketing strategy, but you need to consider where your target demographics hang out. For example, they're not likely to be on Instagram:

Global Instagram user age & gender distribution 2018 | Statistic

But they may be on LinkedIn, since you are targeting business owners.

Good luck!

Thank you! This is really helpful, mfawcett. I can focus on select clients easier with this.
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