Hi guys,

My friend suggested me to start a "side" blog regarding foods. Since i'm like the "health conscious" guy around. Since i'm a Muslim, it's a bit hard here to get a food that is Halal & Healthy but somehow i'm managing it here. Thus, that is my goal. To advocate to people of how and where we can get/find these halal & healthy food. Blog post will be about these, my daily routines, daily food, shopping etc.

Then, I was planning to make my site a platform where manufacturer/owner/provider/etc of those with halal & healthy products/foods can promote it through me. So, its something like e-commerce.

Right, am looking for an applicable blog name that is catchy, makes people curious & interested. You guys have any ideas?

In your opinion, which is better, Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress all the way. Blogger is less flexible than WordPress. With WordPress, you have more options (self-hosted or web-hosted) without needing to go through Google.

Your story could definitely be something that resonates with others. I would say that you should only blog if you have the time and space to do it. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that blogging will be an instant source of income or fandom(nothing on the Internet is). Blog because you have something to say and want to say it in a creative way using words and pictures. Also, be aware that a blog isn't the only way you can share your story.

As for a name, I can't think of any right offhand. I can provide a suggestion on your thinking process. The purpose of your blog is to showcase how you find foods that meet your needs. Think about some of your posts. What do you plan on showing? Are you using videos, pictures, or just text? Will it be recipes, a food journal, or reflection pieces? All of this will determine your business name.


Well, I have been with Blogger ever since I started blogging. And it's a good platform to utilize if you're a newbie. You can also easily link your Google AdSense account to your Blogger account, and be able to monetize it. On the other, WordPress is more professional-looking compared to Blogger. And they also have got some pretty awesome features.
Wordpress is a better blogging platform compared to blogger, however, if you want to monetize your blog, blogger is better. Since blogger is Google's product, you have an advantage on applying for Adsense.


The only advantage that blogger seems to have over wordpress is that you seem to have a better chance at adsense. Apart from that, wordpress is better than blogger in all aspects.

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Yes, WP is what I recommend.

I like your idea as it has merit and is a popular and competitive topic worldwide. Make it very professional looking, this lends to your credibility. Make sure you post high quality content several times a week.

Once you have enough traffic, you can start selling ad space and/or start placing CPA offers related to the sites content and strategically placed.

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