15 of the Best Wix Apps for Your New Website for 2021
by Adelina Tuca,
Dec 22, 2020

Wix is a popular website builder for people who can’t code. Its modern and easy-to-use interface makes working with the platform a breeze – and even more so once you add some of the best Wix apps to the mix.

Wix apps are meant to extend your website and give you new features that are otherwise unavailable with the basic version of Wix. Picking the right set of apps will let you build your website quicker and customize it to match your needs perfectly.

To make all this easier to grasp for you, we picked 15 of the very best Wix apps available for business as well as hobby websites.

Best Wix apps for your business and/or hobby website​

Now that we’ve discussed why you should use Wix apps, let’s look at 15 of the best. The apps you need will at least partly depend on what kind of website you are building, but all of these app will make website customization easier.
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