Although it might sound too good to be true, many successful business people start their careers as teenage entrepreneurs. These individuals didn’t let their ages hold them back, and you shouldn’t either.

@Adam Toren , who along with his brother, Matthew, owns BizWarriors, can attest to that.

The 6 Best Jobs for Teenage Entrepreneurs
by Nathan Resnick,
July 25, 2017

Although many teens lack a robust resume, they have one asset that helps them stand out—their understanding of the online world. Thanks to growing up with the internet and social media, teens know how to discover the trends they want to follow and how to influence others.

Teenagers that have an affinity for social media can use the knowledge their age affords them to start their own online marketing companies. If you’re wondering what this looks like in real life, check out Canupy, an online marketing company founded by a young entrepreneur named Elise Darmanin.

That's just 1 of 6 examples in this article.



Over the years, I've read accounts of teens who became millionaires via their understanding and work in online marketing. Instead of going to the mall, they stayed in their rooms and worked their sites. My hat goes off to them, I think they must have a drive and maturity that many teenagers have yet to achieve. I sure didn't have it at their age. :)

I think some are born to do what they're doing. They have a natural interest and proclivity for entrepreneurship; an innate business mind. It's kind of enviable, they never have to spend a lot of time trying to figure what they aspire to, or how they want to spend that aspect of their lives.
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