Twista Tom

I want to send more then 30K emails per day. I search on the google but couldn't able to find out the best email marketing service where I do able to send enormous emails per day. Would you like to suggest me some bulk email marketing services or do you buy any bulk email marketing set up for your business? Looking forward to your reply.

Thomas Hale

There are some desktop application where you can send massive amount of emails per day. What you needed to do a set up. As far I know they cost huge.
Would you like to suggest me some methods? Because I need it too.
I think you better search some black hat forums or services. Point to be noted that before buy any of the services read the review first. Because it's black hat method and lots of frauds out there to steal your money. Stay safe


You have to find one that you can install. But yes you need to make sure what you're doing is okay. It might just end up in someone's spam folder

Kathryn M.

Buddy you have to move any BlackHat method for sending 30K emails per day.

For a minute here I thought I had clicked on a BlackHat site after reading, "send more then 30K emails per day".

Yup do agree with you. BlackHat working great but I am very much concern about to reach inbox. I think most of the emails will bounce.

I'm pretty confident 30k emails per day will bounce. Especially if you are sending them to the same email address every day.

You do realise that it's illegal to buy email lists and bulk email people without permission right?

Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You need to have permission from people to be able to email them marketing or sales data. I know a lot of companies ignore this but you can get into trouble. Also sending 30K emails in a day will get you on all spam filters very very quickly.

The people who do this are into "churn and burn". They blast the emails to thousands of people hoping someone will open it, click the offer, and generate income for the email sender (churn). Once the technique fails (burn), they try it again. Thinking they will eventually win if they keep trying.
I actually have been in the industry of affiliate marketing for many of years. I had always done display. However, I am starting to move to also including email as well. I am going to be trying sendblaster for free to see how it works out. Whenever sending out any kind of email campaign, newsletter, etc. make sure you list an way for the to subscribe!
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