Sergio Diaz

As Entrepreneurs I feel we were born with something inside of us that instinctively urged us to be leaders, to build up the lives we want to live instead of following the masses. As leaders it's not uncommon that the people around us (our employees, clients, friends, family, and acquaintances) silently look up to us and perhaps even want to embody some of our qualities like our work ethic, mindset, and determination.

However, something I see increasingly is that when it comes to staying healthy, amazing entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders struggle. They often have many areas of their lives handled (wealth, love, relationships, and happiness) but it seems their workload prevents them from eating right and staying at a healthy body fat percentage for their body. On the other hand, there are leaders like Jeff Bezos, who is on track to be the worlds first trillionaire, that have not only stayed healthy but have actually built muscle while on their journey and have a great physique for someone their age. This is especially impressive considering their workload and lifestyle. Jeff knows that being fit and exercising increases productivity, mood, focus, and creativity. He knows that exercise increases you brains ability to process and apply new information and decreases IQ regression as we age.

I believe one of the most important ways we could lead and inspire others is in taking control of our physical health, and by consequence our mental health. This, on top of the business and lifestyle we built for ourselves, is what will inspire people to want to work with us, for us, and learn from us and want to be like us. A healthy body is a healthy mind and a productive life.

So be honest with yourself, what are the biggest obstacles keeping you from fully taking control of your health and fitness and becoming the best you could be in all aspects? Looking forward to reading your responses, discussing, and I hope this can help you take steps in the right direction.

Wish you the best on your journey.

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