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Based on your personal experience, what is one tip for maximizing vacations as a busy entrepreneur?

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Adam Toren

Nov 1, 2016
I just recently returned from an epic trip to Japan with my daughter, who is starting high school this year. She has long been fascinated by the Japanese culture and made it her goal to visit the country. One of the ways we maximized it was by both taking time to do a bit of research to really nail down the things that were most important for each of us to do and experience while there. Then we discussed the ideas together to determine if there was overlap and planned for the best use of our time. But maybe most importantly, I think, is to always build in time for spontaneity. The greatest adventures are the ones you don’t plan.

Lastly, it’s important to be proactive and ensure you let your clients and business partners know when and if you’ll be available during a vacation. This comes down to really setting realistic boundaries that work for you and that won’t leave you feeling stressed. Be logical and strategic, of course, but know that the world won’t crumble if you choose eating sushi over answering emails or take a true break from work responsibilities to be present in the moment. You have to trust this process.

What's your one tip for maximizing and achieving balance on your vacations as and Entrepreneur?


Jul 21, 2018
I think it's important to stick to your plans and timetable. For example, you have planned a trip with your family two months in advance. Try your best to stick with that plan, spend precious time with your loved ones, and try not to think about work while you're on vacation. Don't think about cancelling it on the last minute just because something came up. You have a team to takeover when you're not around, let them figure it out. Don't get tempted to check on whatever you left behind every hour while you're away. At least do it at the end of the day, when it won't get in the way of having fun with your loved ones. Don't cut your trip short, unless it's something only you can handle and won't wait for your return.

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