After learning, 82% percent of businesses fail due to cash flow issues, I searched google for an accounting solution and found Biller Genie. If you’d like a solution that automates your entire invoicing process from the beginning to the end, take a moment to consider Biller Genie.

Here are some features:
  • Full Invoice Design Customization
  • Custom Reminder & Warning Messages
  • Fully Branded Notifications (paper and/or electronic
  • Desktop & Mobile Customer Portals for Payment
Invoice Customization

It’s unbelievable how easy they make this process. Creating your own branded material can be very time consuming and paying someone for designed templates can tend to be costly.

With Biller Genie’s customization tool you have the ability to:
  • Custom Design Color Scheme (to match business)
  • Custom Invoice Delivery Emails & Mail (paper and/or electronic)
  • Multiple Invoice Styles (traditional, modern, classic, simple)
  • Add Your Custom Business Logo
With Biller Genie’s software, it’s hard not to look crisp, clean, and professional when you’re consistently sending out invoices.

Custom Reminders

Biller Genie helps you to be more consistent with the custom reminders feature. They assist you by navigating the grimey process of constantly reminding your business clients to pay on time or sending notifications when their invoice is past due.

They give you the option to:
  • Set Schedule for Upcoming, Overdue, or Late fee Reminders
  • Set the Amount of Reminders Sent
  • Send Reminders Electronically and/or by Mail
  • Create Terms and Conditions for Late Fees
With this feature in the hands of small business owners, clients are more likely to take your business seriously. Biller Genie strives hard to cut the costs on invoice management while also making sure small businesses get their well earned money.

Customer Portal

What’s nice about Biller Genie’s customer portal is that small businesses have the ability to direct a client to their branded payment portal. For clients who prefer a more convenient method of payment, they have the option to login to the customized payment portal on a desktop or mobile phone.

Business Clients will have access to:
  • Custom Payment Portal
  • Debit, Credit, or Routing Payment Options
  • Scheduled Automatic Payment Plan (with your approval)
  • Complete Payment and Invoicing History
The customer portal was the deal breaker for myself. Business clients have the ultimate one stop shop for all of the transactions they made with your business. Very easy way to keep those books balanced.


One last thing Biller Genie offers is integration with Accounting Suite, Xero, and Quickbooks. So if you already have invoices docked in any of the programs listed, Biller Genie can source the information automatically and get you started ASAP!

Overall, I deem this a better solution than most because of the automatic reminders and customer portal. Depending on the service type you’re looking for this might be a great option for you.


Biller Genie also has 5 star ratings across popular platforms such as Google, Quickbooks, and Capterra. Most reviews on this product are flawless. The integration with existing accounting tools is a hit for small business owners alongside the time saved trying to get customers to pay on time.

If this sounds like a solution for you please Click the Link Below for Your FREE TRIAL:

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