Using the ExportFeed plugin to easily and automatically send your eCommerce products to Amazon, Google, Ebay, Etsy, and numerous other merchants to increase sales.

Boost eCommerce Business with Amazon, Google, Ebay & 40+ Merchants
by Raghab, WP Mayor
June 21st, 2017

Your eCommerce site can only generate the sales as to how well promoted your products are. And the promotions of your products done are better when you set-up a multi-channel sales/marketing funnel. So, sending your eCommerce products to Amazon, Google, and other merchants can really help to increase your revenue. But listing your products on the popular comparison shopping engines, marketplaces and even on the affiliate platforms is a tough job, needless to say, time-consuming.

So, what is the easy way to increase your multi-channel sales? How can you display your products on channels like Google Shopping, Amazon Seller, Ebay Seller, Etsy and other popular sales gateways for increased revenue?

The answer to all these questions is a user-friendly plugin created by ExportFeed which works in sync with WooCommerce on your WordPress platform.

ExportFeed reduces all the technical hassles of the eCommerce site owner to meet product feed specifications for over 40 high performing merchants...


Get more information about ExportFeed and download the plugin (free) from
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