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An article on how Attention plays major role in business.

Attention is one of the biggest key for the worlds global economy. Right from individual to biggest enterprise , do things which inevitably either seeks or gives. One spends emotionally, spiritually and financial everything for the sake of Attention, be it for a friend, spouse, acquaintance, business deal or gaining customer. The one who understand this will earn and enjoy the derivative of this which is Value, Relationship, Feeling and most importantly time.

This article will try to explore some of the way in which one can learn about trick of Attention in real life.

A recent study shows that human attention span has come down from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds by 2015.

Based on this LinkedIn in recently introduced Voice Messages with a cap of 60 seconds per message. As per the recent survey the success rates is more than 50% who used with less than 30 seconds.

So how do you go about getting Attention.

First whatever you want to say "make that efficient" by sharing or trying out some one very close. Second and final one is "Make Sure you have a solid structure for your call that includes a powerful intro, the reason for your call and the call to action.

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