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I use Twitter in different ways and they've come with variying levels of success. First and foremost I use it as a networking tool, as I think that's what Twitter excels at. I'm not on Twitter all the time, but most days I'll pop in and out for a few minutes here or there. I'll reply to people I know and don't know that might be interested in my content, I also post links to content I think others will like, ask questions, answer questions. The usual. I have gotten to know some people better, though not only through Twitter.

I also use it for market research. I have several searches saved so I can track what's being said about certain topics and about certain companies. It helps me by letting me know what to include in the content I produce as well as helping with ideas for content on my site.

On occasion I'll use Twitter as a promotional tool. Lately I have tweeted after each new blog post, which has helped bring in new traffic and subscribers. I don't promote myself a lot. It amounts to one tweet per week at the moment. I tend to be more focused on promoting others. The next time I redesign my site I likely will add a tweet this button of sorts.

But I'd like to explore other options. How do you use twitter?

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I have general themed Twitter accounts (tech, science, programming/development, etc) and promote my apps through those. But I don't spam links..I'll post articles or images related to the Twitter as well. Otherwise it just looks too spammy. But I don't credit myself as an actual business or anything, just one of those fun Twitter accounts that once in a while I'll promote something subject-related. Twitter is hard since a lot of users are mobile and they just scroll and scroll. A Facebook page dedicated to the product or theme of what you want to promote might be better. I find more users there are on an actual computer and are willing to check out what you have.
I use twitter to market my contents and website. Since my website is my business and my contents are my products, I am marketing my business on twitter. I however, I have never promoted my business with twitter ad campaign. I have tried paid marketing and promotion on facebook and would like to do same on twitter


Twitter is good for marketing and for research depending on what it is you're trying to market or looking to get information for. There may be other more useful treasure troves of knowledge out in the wild online from various sources if it's something more technical or specific, but if you're trying to get demographics or opinions to find out how to market something or see how people feel about characteristics which surround the item, product, or service you're trying to place out there, then it can be a boone for stuff like that.

I tend to use Twitter more for social than for promoting any specific product or service these days; if people ask or want to know more, than I tell them in a DM or response back to a tweet, but seldom do I push the issue too much. A lot of it is just bringing relative issues to light that correspond to what I do or offer in some way with the primary account.

There are a lot of success stories from using Twitter for certain markets though, and (as much as I hate to admit it), even Facebook in some cases. It's all about what your business is, who your clientele are, and how you approach them with the model you feel is best. Twitter can help with that even if it isn't the best fit. It's up to you to decide as the business person in charge and responses you get along with on your quick wit and wisdom if you are getting the results you need. :)

Tailoring a strategy and staying adaptive is always a smart deicision, even when surveying and in the middle of marketing what you are offering.

As for this post being in a different location, no worries. The mods are usually pretty good at seeing where it fits best and moving it there if need be. Digital Lego masters among other things. :D
I joined Twitter in 2010. However, I did not now what I can do on Twitter. Thus, my Twitter was not active until 2012 when I began my online writing career. Currently, I own three websites and I also write on number of writing sites. I use Twitter to promote my websites, ebooks and online articles


Currently I am not but I have been highly considering doing this to promote my business a little bit more. The main reason I do not do this is because I was never very good at gaining a lot of attention to gain good or even decent amount of followers.


Upon knowing my plan to put up a business when I retire from my daytime job, one businessman friend told me to be active in Twitter and Facebook. They are good tools to promote your business and what's best is the fact that for now it is free. He emphasized the social media aspect to mean that there is interaction. When you post, someone comments on it and vice versa. The interchange of communication is it - establishing connection. He said that Twitter is the fad now and I should not be left behind.
I am not sure whether promoting business in twitter in 2016 is as effective as promoting business on twitter in 2012. According to the recent analysis on social media site, twitter demography is between 55-65 years. If your business targets 30-50 demography there is no point in promoting the business in twitter.

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Usе Twittеr's nаtivе аnаlytiсs dаily tо gеt а grаsр оn whаt's rеsоnаting аnd whаt's nоt with yоur аudiеnсе оnсе yоu'vе built it. In thе аnаlytiсs dаshbоаrd, yоu'll bе аblе tо tеll whаt yоur bеst dаys tо twееt аrе, thе tyреs оf соntеnt thаt аrе mоrе fаvоrеd аnd thе dеmоgrарhiсs оf thе fоllоwеrs thаt yоu'rе аttrасting,shе sаys. Thеn yоu саn "rерliсаtе whаt's wоrking аnd rеwоrk оr rееvаluаtе роsts thаt аrеn't


For me, Twitter has been a decisive tool in getting my writing out there to the public. Using hashtags and just the right amount of information in the tweet, I've gotten retweets from companies and people that I want to make connections with. From there, I find it simplifies the need for PR. Plus, Twitter puts you in direct contact with those in charge of marketing their company or an idea. On the flip side, not many of my friends use Twitter... so if I wanted to spread content with the aid of friends and acquaintances, I have to use other sources of social networking, like FB or, in the case of my Japanese compatriots, LINE.

So in the end, depending on your target audience, or how to you want to make your information or services available, Twitter may prove useful. It's best to test it out and see how it works for you. If you get nothing from it, you don't have to use it.
I have used Twitter for my business for about 3 years now, and have found much success with using. I also incorporated the logo on my website and I have had many potential customers connect through this outlet. It's also a great way to keep up with others throughout the industry.


I'm like you and use Twitter to socialize on other profiles or groups and I've just recently used it to promote my writing on Medium or Thought Catalog. I ran my first Twitter Ads and it didn't go too bad. I was able to drive 2500 people to read the article, but only got 2 comments.
Drats! I should've asked a question at the end.
Also, I didn't have any "bait" for collecting emails, but I don't think Thought Catalog likes that.

So, I got to learn more about Twitter Ads and see that it sort of works. So, Hazzah!


Twitter has been my greatest marketing tool. I get 80% of my traffic from twitter and I don't even really try that hard. One twitter repost a day. One comment here or there. One original twitter link to an article on my site twice a month. Every day I get roughly 10 new followers. I find people looking to link exchange as well. Twitter is amazing for marketing.
I definitely use Twitter as a marketing tool. I like that you can reach people whether you follow them or not. Everyone I know uses Twitter for promotion purposes. I can easily keep in touch with people I do business with. I can keep track of what's trending, & make contact with new businesses. Twitter has opened up an entire new avenue for me & my business.
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